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SKU# I013
Material PVC
Size Min: 2.12 inch x 3.38 inch Max: 6.5 inch x 4.75 inch

Dual Slot ID Name Badges

Versatile security: Dual Slot ID Name Badges for open-ended lanyards.

Step 4: Customize PVC Card


Step 5: Card Thickness

STANDARD 0.76 mm
PREMIUM 0.90 mm
PREMIUM+ 1.00 mm

Step 6: Card Hole Style

Oval Hole
Oval Hole
Circle Hole
Circle Hole
Double Circle
Double Circle
No Hole
No Hole

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Product Description

In the dynamic landscape of identification accessories, versatility meets functionality with our Dual Slot ID Name Badges. 

Dual Slots for Added Versatility
Introducing our Dual Slot ID Name Badges—a versatile solution designed to meet diverse identification needs. The dual slots on these badges provide added functionality, allowing for multiple attachment options. Whether using lanyards, badge reels, or clips, the dual slots offer flexibility in how the badges are worn, providing a customizable and comfortable experience for individuals in various settings. 

Efficient Access and Identification
The dual slot design enhances the efficiency of access control and identification processes. With the option to attach both horizontal and vertical accessories, these badges offer a practical solution for streamlined operations. Whether used in corporate environments, events, or conferences, the dual slots ensure that badges are easily accessible and can be displayed in the most user-friendly and visually effective manner. 

Secure and Sturdy Attachment
Security is paramount, and our Dual Slot ID Name Badges ensure a secure and sturdy attachment of badges to accessories. The dual slots allow for a reinforced connection, minimizing the risk of accidental detachment. This feature is particularly valuable in dynamic environments where individuals are constantly on the move, ensuring that identification remains intact and visible throughout the duration of use. 

Customization Options for Enhanced Branding
Beyond functionality, our Dual Slot ID Name Badges offer customization options to enhance branding. With the ability to choose from various badge sizes, shapes, and design elements, these badges become a canvas for promoting brand identity.